About Andrej, the designer of CODE8


Andrej Justin




Born in 1959 in Koper on the Adriatic coast

Academic background:

Studied electronics and civil engineering in Ljubljana - Slovenia and architecture in Graz - Austria. Graduated in Yacht Design at Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology in 1993.

Career Highlights:

Andrej Justin has lived with yachts and the sea all through his life. He designed his first boats for the biggest Slovenian boat builder ELAN in the late eighties, and graduated in Yacht Design at Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology in 1993.


Andrej Justin has designed several racing boats from 33-foot match race one design JustinTen to 80-foot carbon, canting keel Maxi Jena, built in 2001 but still one of the fastest 80 footer in Europe. 


His most famous work is the ISAF recognised RC44 high tech racer designed with the America's Cup legend Russell Coutts.





Here is my "Designer's Word" about the CODE8: CODE8 is designed having in mind the sailor that puts excellence first and knows that quality and quantity are two very different properties – basically the one that wears an Omega Seamaster and not the alarm clock. We gathered all our resources to design and build the ultimate "Day Sailer-Racer" for the European coastal seas and lakes. The boat is intended for full crew up-down racing as well as for short handed coastal racing and can comfortably sleep 4/5 adults. The overall dimensions and weight guarantee easy road transport, berthing and dry storage. The chined hull with Bmax of 2.58m was selected according to the results of extensive CFD and VPP studies and is an excellent compromise between up-down and reaching performance. The hard chine extends to the bow, what minimizes dynamic wetted surface, increases (due to better volume distribution) the boat stability,minimizes longitudinal trim and keeps the fore deck drier in chop. The 1.8 m draft was selected because it is, together with a high ballast to displacement ratio, the best compromise between reaching and sailing upwind – where a deeper keel would increase boat longitudinal inertia and result in a slower and wetter sailing upwind, the very good "collateral damage" is that 1.8m draft is optimal for many splendid sailing resorts. In line with the design are also the "state of the art" construction materials and production technologies: from the NC machined plugs, the prepreg carbon - sandwich construction, postcuring of all the composite parts, to the water ballast system and hi-end deck hardware.